Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


You can now upload pictures of your database plan (ER Diagrams) and turn them into real SQL code without typing it all out.
We've enhanced AI2SQL with team functionalities. Now, you can effortlessly collaborate with your team on SQL works, making teamwork more efficient than ever.
We've taken personalization to the next level with our newest feature: Custom Template Creation. Here's what's new:
Intuitive Template Creation: Create your SQL templates with ease. Replace specific values with placeholders and let AI2SQL generate SQL queries based on your provided inputs.
Enter Template Name: Every template requires a unique identity. Give your template a concise and descriptive name for easy future reference.
Template Management: Over time, your needs might evolve. With our system, you can easily modify, delete, or even refine your saved templates.
Pre-defined Templates: To jump-start your template journey, we've added a collection of initial templates. They range from basic database operations to more intricate ones, catering to a wide spectrum of SQL needs.
We're excited to introduce our new SQL Utilities suite.
  • "Format SQL" automatically cleans and structures your code, making it more readable and adherent to best practices.
  • "Optimize SQL" analyzes queries for performance bottlenecks, providing intelligent recommendations or automated optimizations to reduce execution time and resources.
  • "Explain SQL" offers a deep analysis of query execution, detailing the query plan, joins, indexes, and more, for better understanding and potential optimization.
These utilities are designed to enhance your productivity and the efficiency of your SQL code. Please ensure to backup your data before using these new features.
Introducing the Dataset Questions Generation Feature, an innovative addition to our toolkit that uses the capabilities of AI2sql to generate insightful questions about your datasets. Just input the name of your dataset, and let our tool do the rest. Explore different perspectives and uncover potential areas of interest in your data with ease. Get ready to deepen your understanding of your datasets with the Dataset Questions Generation Feature!
Introducing the AI2SQL Connector, a cutting-edge tool that utilizes AI technology to revolutionize your SQL query generation process. Seamlessly connect your databases, generate accurate SQL queries effortlessly, and enjoy an intuitive user interface designed to optimize your workflow. Embrace the future of data management with AI2SQL Connector!
We're thrilled to introduce our latest feature: New Query CSV! This powerful addition allows users to upload their own CSV files and perform queries directly from those files. Say goodbye to the hassle of importing data into databases – just upload your CSV file and start querying right away.